Hawthorne Strategy Group provides a clear vision to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals. A deep understanding of our client’s objectives informs and drives our recommendations. At Hawthorne Strategy Group, our mission is to build trusted relationships that deliver meaningful results.





Whether it is delivering media results or building community partnerships, we have a focus on delivering the results that matter to you. It starts with a strong, clear message and plan. After all, a map doesn’t help unless you have a destination ahead.



It is not just what you do, but people have to understand why. It might be establishing your reputation with new audiences or in new markets, or addressing issues, regardless, clear communications are essential for demonstrating leadership.



The right time. The right message. The right place. Some principles never change, even if the vehicles do. It could be a tweet or speech or both, we know that to achieve results we must consider and employ the right communications tools at the right time.

A Team You Can Trust.

With decades of communications experience, our team is built on a commitment to results and measurement. We bring the best mix of traditional and innovative communications techniques to create a team that will help you achieve your goals.



Evolving Media Landscape: Good, Bad, Unknown?

May 03, 2016

Join us for our next panel discussion, The Evolving Media Landscape: Good, Bad, Unknown? on Wednesday, May 25th at 5pm. Come out to hear the varied perspectives of our esteemed guests: Scott Nations, Shia Kapos, Dometi Pongo, Cody LaGrow and Kendra Chaplin. Learn more about the panelists and be sure to RSVP!

Meet Ben Finzel, Our RENEWPR Partner

September 30, 2015

Hawthorne Partner Ben Finzel is president of RENEWPR in Washington, D.C. Ben's firm works with association, corporation, advocacy, nonprofit and foundation clients addressing energy and environmental challenges. In September 2015, the organizers of Solar Power International 2015 called Ben with an assignment: provide media relations advice, counsel and outreach in support of the just-announced appearance of Vice President Joe Biden at the conference in one week's time. Marking the first time a Vice President had delivered remarks at a solar conference in North America, the event would garner major coverage. Ben worked with his Network Partners at LUNA+EISENLA media to develop a press kit, reach out and engage with media, coordinate logistics with the Vice President's team and manage all on-the-ground aspects of the event. The result? More than 100 registered media and national coverage that positioned the conference as the premier gathering of solar energy professionals in North America.

Welcoming our Newest Network Partner

September 29, 2015

We are excited to announce a new network partnership with D.C. area RENEWPR. Together we will work to bring best-in-class communications counsel to our clients across markets nationwide.