The Challenge

Refocus a brand identity internally and externally

Acelity, a leader in advanced wound care solutions and therapeutic medicine, looked to Hawthorne Strategy Group to develop and implement strategic internal and external communication campaign during a time of transition. At the core of Hawthorne’s efforts was tailoring their message for stakeholders in the evolving healthcare landscape where companies are challenged to support clinicians in the shift to value-based care, a new model of healthcare in which providers are paid based on patient health outcomes as opposed to the number of healthcare services they deliver.

Changes in the industry spurred the need for Acelity to develop new strategic communications efforts. Compounding this need, a companywide survey on communication effectiveness revealed that one-third of those surveyed did not believe they had access to the resources they needed from internal communications. As Acelity looked to redevelop much of their marketing and communications framework for employees, internal stakeholders, and the public, Hawthorne was brought on board to lend their expertise and help navigate this changing landscape.

The Solution

Simplify and streamline communications for more effective dissemination 

Unlike most boutique PR firms, Hawthorne’s senior leadership includes staff with extensive global marketing and communications experience, so we leveraged our marketing communications expertise to support the new VP of communications’ goal of effectively communicating the Acelity value proposition to employees and external stakeholders. Hawthorne led an exhaustive audit and assessed staff for future roles, created a global marketing staffing construct and developed a high-level marketing strategy, simultaneously and under a tight timeline. The goal was to simplify and streamline communications so that Acelity could be a more effective partner when communicating with employees and stakeholders.  

A key element was developing a playbook that outlined the processes and procedures for internal and external communications, including visual elements such as: 

-Executive presentations and videos



-Motion graphics 

Hawthorne also deployed communication processes to address: 

-Corporate transactions 

-Changes in leadership and business strategy 

-Building a thought leadership and executive visibility strategy to elevate the company’s growing leadership in advanced wound care solutions and therapeutic medicine 

Hawthorne also sought to increase positive sentiment for Acelity’s corporate reputation through earned media efforts that illustrated how Acelity is working to achieve their vision of restoring people’s lives through value-based care. Content that was developed to enhance corporate reputation included: communicating financial performance, demonstrating how a new product improves a patient’s life and providing support in vital communities. 

The Results

Seamless integration and improved information flow

Working hand-in-hand with AcelityHawthorne helped redevelop their communications protocols to achieve the strategic business objectives that were outlined at the beginning of the partnership, including: 

-Building controls around the volume of HR communications employees receive 

-Ensuring message alignment across all platforms 

-Tailoring messages for their specific channel  

-Ensuring the right communications are coming from the right leaders 

The result was improved information flow to nearly 5,000 employees and key external audiences.

Hawthorne’s strategy also directly helped staff be redeployed in over 30 offices across the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and China into areas that better supported the organizations business goals.